Welcome to Only TOYS. No other store or online shop carries more DARDA® - World Class Race Cars, Racing Sets and Track Accessories. The DARDA system incorporates construction, creativity, action and fun. Powered by the precision engineered Mega Motor™, speeds of 500-600 scale mph can be achieved with just one small wind - no batteries, keys, or electricity needed! DARDA - The ULTIMATE PLAYING MACHINE, is the registered trademark of Darda USA, Inc.
     While OnlyTOYS carries everything DARDA makes, you must contact DARDA USA directly about any WARRANTY claim, replacement parts not carried by OnlyTOYS.com or to learn about a U.S. retail store location near you. For a link to reprint most set instructions, click here or visit our Darda FAQ page, click here. For a limited time, OnlyTOYS offers free UPS Date-Guaranteed Standard Ground* shipping within the continental U.S. for orders of in-stock merchandise totalling $99 and more. Our current Free Shipping program is scheduled to end on <@FORMAT STR=<@DAYS DATE="<@CURRENTDATE>" DAYS="3"> FORMAT="datetime: %A, %B %d, %Y"> . *PLEASE NOTE: Free Standard Ground UPS shipping does not include extra costs for oversize items. DARDA also a U.S. distributor for BOLZ TOPS and OnlyTOYS carries them all.
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DARDA cars
OnlyTOYS, stocks the largest selection of cars for every type of DARDA racing set.
UltraSpeed Cars - Fast and furious, these lightweight molded-plastic cars take the Mega-Motor™ to its extremes with simulated scale speeds up to 600mph.
DieCast Cars - Cast from metal, these highly-styled quality cast cars are best for low, short track set-ups.
Stop-n-Go Cars - Whether DieCast or UltraSpeed™, the special clutch feature in these cars add tons of fun to any track setup with their Bump & Go action. Fits any car!
NASCAR Victory Lane Set Racing Cars - These terrific replica UltraSpeed™ Monte Carlos are molded in high-impact plastic. Four styles.
Fantasy Series Cars - Molded in high-impact plastic, these Ultra-Speed cars come in a wide variety of radical paint schemes.
Twin-Pack Cars - Save more by purchasing these twin-packed cars. Choose from Standard (DieCast) or UltraSpeed designs.
VALUE CARS - Collectors and Fans - FOUND A FEW MORE, Not in standard packaging, these cars offer great savings over the cars noted above. See each car for more information.
DARDA Race Sets
DARDA racing sets come in many challenging sizes and themes, as well as in a range of prices, all offering tremendous values and hours of fun.

Bolz Tops
- Innovative, quality, and classic, these terrific tops will brighten any child's day. Distributed int the U.S.A. by LifeLike Products.
DARDA Accessories
Add extra fun and excitement to your DARDA racing sets with these accessory values. Click above or below.
Accessory Value Pack - More pieces equals more fun! Create original track layouts, build the suggested mini-track, or add-on to existing sets.
Loop Tower Accessory System - Create original track layouts or add-on a tower of loops to an existing set. Includes a bonus Bump n'Go car!
Race'n'Go Carry Case - Kids can take their Darda cars anywhere with this durable lightweight plastic carrying case provides storage for 8 Darda cars and a figure-8 track on the flip side. Includes one UltraSpeed™ racer.
Repair Parts for your Sets - We've assembled some collections of repair parts to replace your lost or damaged joiners, including Loop Halves, extra straight track, Flexi-Curves, Flexi-Track, and Large or Small Track and Loop Joiners.
Bars, Couplers & Joiners - Add on to your towers with these bars, couplers and joiners.
Straight Track & Joiners - Get either a big box (24 pcs) of fourteen inch (14") track with joiners, or our loose bundle of six (6) pieces of 14" track with six joiners.
Novelties - Check out the Jr Jox Skateboarder or the Speed Racer™ Mach 5 UltraSpeed™ car.
Replacement Motors - Tune-up your older cars - Standard and Stop-n-Go Styles After thousands of winds, even the mighty Mega-Motor™ gets tired, but that's not the end of the fun! These replacement motors pop in - in a snap!

Collectors, be sure to visit Jason Neel's web site - the best Darda Collector site on the web! DardaCollector.com
On this site, he has assembled over 500 pictures and a wonderful history of Darda.

, the web's leader in specialty toys, offers you a huge selection of Darda Track sets, cars and accessories for easy online purchase.
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Sorry, there are NO consumer catalogs for DARDA or BOLZ products, but all their wonderful specialty toy products are included within our web site and our secure, online shopping cart. If you have Warranty or Instruction questions, see the information below. Send any of your product questions to us via E-Mail at Only Toys-Darda, Darda_Info@onlytoys.com.

WARRANTY ISSUES: Please address all warranty requests or worldwide store location inquiries directly to DARDA USA via their address and phone number provided via this courtesy link. Sorry, Only TOYS does not have any information about our retail competitors, their inventories or store locations, nor can we provide replacement parts under warranty. Please contact DARDA USA for help with these issues. Only TOYS does carry the most extensive assortment of Darda cars, sets, assessories and toy products anywhere!

INSTRUCTIONS: Need to reprint a copy of missing directions, a parts list for reassembling your sets or warranty claim instructions? Try using this INSTRUCTIONS page link, provided as a courtesy to Only TOYS customers. Caution, these are large files (gifs & pdfs), so please be patient with the downloads. Please also note that information on how to contact DARDA is provided on your instruction pages.

DISCLAIMER: Darda®, Ultra-Speed™, Stop&Go Motor, Mega-Motor™, and others are all registered trademarks of DARDA Inc. USA, a division of Life-Like Products, Inc. and are used here by permission of the company. All rights reserved.

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